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All about that bass

This page is dedicated to all of you, who are interested in practicing exercises, songs, solos, licks and ideas I went through by the years.

It's dedicated to the art of bass playing.

All Of Me - sax solo

This is the great baritone saxophone solo originally recorded by Ronnie Cuber for George Benson's Cookbook album in 1967.

Spain - solo by Al Jarreau 

One of the most beautiful solos I've ever heard someone performing in this amazing jazz latin song Spain written by Chick Corea.. I always wanted to know what's he doing in it and here you go!

Nature Boy - solo by Kurt Elling

This is one of the most complicated and technically difficult solos I've ever learnd. Took me almost 2 weeks to learn it.  Kurt Elling improvised this legendary solo with Sydney Symphony Orchestra in April 2008. 

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